Through our thoroughness, we aim to provide peace of mind to our clients. Peace of mind, that their requirement is in the hands of a specialist who understands the requirements, has the very best sources available in the market and the desire to deliver the best service to our clients.

Furthermore, we want our clients to have peace of mind that all required qualifying and vetting has and is being undertaken to safeguard the students in their care, the reputation of the organisation and the organisation itself.

For the overriding reason of the safety and interests of young people and vulnerable adults, we cannot take a unilateral approach to this and need to ensure that we work with our clients to provide the best safeguards. After all, we need to keep in mind why these checks are done and not put the importance on ticking boxes and shifting blame. Common sense dictates that at certain points in the process, safeguarding is best handled by our clients themselves. In no way are we dismissing or shirking our responsibilities, but seeking to synergistically provide the highest level of protection by working with the assistance of our clients for the benefit of all.

All of our clients have policies and procedures that are unique to them and it is essential that we are made aware of these, even if our clients consider their process obvious and/or required by law (we can almost guarantee others will have a different view). This is partly to avoid doubt, confusion and conflict but ultimately to safeguard students, reputation and organisation. The requirements of law and regulation within our industry are consistent in only one thing; Change. We work to advise but also to listen to opinions and seek to improve the overall process of Jambo and our clients. With this in mind, we would ask that if you feel anything is missing or requires clarification to notify us immediately.

The quality of our data and the records we hold are a key element to the success of our business. For this reason we have, since 2006, had a 'sourcing team', a dedicated team of people with the sole function of developing and updating our candidate networks and databases. They have no contact with clients and it is this focus and attention, that has allowed them to be hugely effective in the gathering of relevant information in the candidate arena. This is an ongoing investment for Jambo and one that often allows us to 'punch above our weight'.

Added to our excellent sourcing team is our belief in vertical markets. This means that our consultants have directly relevant experience to the markets and therefore the roles they are sourcing. This ensures that on top of the general work provided by the sourcing team, we have a strong filtering process to ensure the most relevant candidates are put forward to our clients.


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